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What are the best brands of saddles ?

When we talk about horseback riding, we must think about accessories that support his practice. By accessory, the most unavoidable is undoubtedly the saddle. Indeed, this accessory is vital for riding since it has the role of linking the rider and the equine. We will then speak of a role of comfort for both parties. Given the scope of the role of this accessory, it will be obvious to choose well. The quality must necessarily be at the rendezvous in this framework and that said quality necessarily mark reference. Knowing the recurring brands in the environment will help you to understand this product.

Choosing your saddle

The choice of the saddle is often difficult especially if one is novice in the field. However, taking into account basic criteria, this choice will be really simplified. The first criterion of importance is therefore the size of the saddle. In this context, it is important to know that a large saddle is often the best. The misconceptions that a saddle too fair or small is the best are then wrong. After the waist, there is the shape of the saddle. To this you will have to choose according to the discipline you will practice. If you are more for hiking, it is recommended to choose outdoor models that are used especially for long periods. On the other hand, if you practice mainly dressage, the saddles with long quarters are advised for a good position of leg mounted vertically and with stirrups shoved very long.

Choose by brand

Quality is often meant by the brand. On the horses equitack site you will find the biggest brands in the field guaranteeing you always reliability at all levels. You can choose between DEVOUCOUX, CWD, ERREPLUS, HERMES BCG, BRUNO DELGRANGE products. These are all brands that have proven themselves in the field. Of course, many other renowned brands are present on the site always ensuring quality at all levels of practice. Also, be aware that each saddle is offered according to the best size adapted to your discipline.